Marquetry is the cutting and assembling of a variety of thin woods, called veneers, to create often intricate patterns and pictures. Marquetry is generally applied to another object, such as a tray or box, but it can also be used to create a stand-alone picture to hang on the wall. The marquetarian enjoys the rare privilege of knowing and working with beautiful woods from the four corners of the world.

I first became familiar with marquetry while camping in Venice, Florida six years ago. The large campground had a variety of classes in carving, stained glass, jewelry, china painting and marquetry taught by volunteers.

While attending an art show at the campground my wife challenged me while I was admiring the marquetry with a question. “Why don’t you try that?” I’ve been at it ever since.

Each artist has his favorite wood, cutting, sanding, gluing and finishing methods. These all make the process interesting and satisfying.


Hat Lady

The Barn

St. Francis


The Bedroom

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