Art has always been a part of my life. From crayons, play dough and copying those little artist sketches in magazines to later painting and throwing pots. My formal training began in elementary school when my neighbor lady asked me to go with her to art lessons. There we started out in charcoal drawings, then to pastels and finally when the teacher felt we were ready to oils. We didn't have art in high school but I did go to the University of Toledo as an art major and graduated with a degree in Art Education K-12. While there I took all of the required art classes but concentrated in Ceramics and Oil Painting. My art work took a back seat in my life while raising my children.


I have recently began to work in watercolors. At first I found that I actually had to think about what I was doing when painting with watercolors rather than just sitting down and painting. I'm happy to say that this is happening less as I become more comfortable with the medium. Art is just a natural part of my life!



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