I love the way painting encourages me to see: the color of light, the shape of a shadow, where reflections have traveled. Then I get lost in the painting process by simplifying shapes into brushstrokes and challenging myself to mix a color that might not be the one I see but it's the one the painting needs. By constantly looking for inspiration and experimenting with new techniques my work stays fresh.


The style of my paintings ranges from impressionistic to more abstract. In the studio I work mostly from photographs that I've taken on my travels, but I am also enjoying learning to paint "en plein air." Water-miscible oil paint is my primary medium.

As a creative person, I always knew I wanted to try my hand at painting but I didn't take the plunge until I became an empty-nester. My creative history was originally in fiber arts. While I have taken several college art classes and painting workshops, I am predominantly self-taught.  My painting "Rain on Navy Pier" won the People's Choice award at the 2016 BSAG Fall Art Show.

Misty Oregon Morning
                  30"x30", oil
40”x30”,  oil
                  48"x12", oil
   Winter Sun
    16"x20", oil
           15"x30", oil
   Time for a Sail? 
 30”x15”, oil
     Prayer Flags
20”x16”, oil
  November Fields 
           20”x16”, oil
          Blue Ridge
          20"x16", oil
20"x16”,  oil,

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