“Your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.” These inspiring words found in Joel 2:28 are the defining force behind my visual creations. Since I'm “middle aged,” it is my hope that I “dream dreams,” while still obtaining “visions.” My professional photography career began in the area of covering high school sports for a local newspaper. Since then, I've spread my photographer's wings into the arenas of portrait and artistic visualization. Recently, social media has had a huge impact on my work as I've come to learn many new and interesting techniques from photographer friends that I've come to know online. Long Exposure and light painting are among my newest photographic passions.

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ABOVE:  #1. Nuclear Sunrise   #2. Sky On Fire  #3. Cotton Candy Colored Sky #4. Defiance County Courthouse  #5. Spin Cycle 


Price for photos:  $35.00 for 8" x 10" prints (Price is per print only, does not include frame).  Other sizes, media, and pricing info available upon request  Price does not including shipping, and/or tax.

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